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Kind reader, are you starved for the unexpected?

Then welcome to my corner of the universe!

Where people die more often than they fall in love.

Where plausible and fantastic futures are explored.

Where you can't foresee what twists fate will take.

Whyever you're here, have a look around.  See who looks back.

Veronica Brush

Science Fiction Author


Independent Alliance of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors
First Grave on Mars cover

First Grave on Mars


The first entry in the Martian Murders Trilogy.

Inspired by the now bankrupt Mars One plan to send ordinary citizens on a one-way mission to colonize Mars, this murder mystery will leave you trying to catch your breath on the merciless planet of Mars.


"...couldn't put it down. It's like Agatha Christie meets the Dead Space video game."

"I got to the end was bummed that is was over, but happy that Book 2 is available."

"This is a great ‘who done it’ with a realistic take that I look forward to seeing more of!"

"Great sci-fi who done it! Can't wait for the sequel!"

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