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My Short Stories

If you've been struggling to find the best new science fiction books for you, science fiction magazines and short story anthologies are a great time-saving hack.  These give you a chance to read several different authors in a short amount of time and get a feel for each author's style before you commit to a several-hundred page journey with them. 

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Blue Record
Literary E-Clectic: The Record

My short story: "The 20th Mission"

When all hope seems lost, one woman realizes how our troubles can blind us to the bigger picture.  An original and moving sci-fi story.

Trigger warning: This story deals with the topic of suicide.

Bubble Off Plumb

My short story: "How Music Moves Us"

The members of an orchestra struggle to work with a famous, but eccentric, guest conductor. 

The Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2018

My short story: "How to Not Be Lonely While Pursuing World Domination"

Are you struggling with the sense of loneliness that seems to come hand-in-hand with a successful mad scientist career?  Dr. Mathasar Hatter has some simple life-hacks for you!

Do Not Go Quietly
(also Apex Magazine: Issue 119)

My short story: "Face"

A woman with no past struggles to find an identity.  She has been told by the man who keeps her, a man she doesn't really know, that she is a robot.  She questions if this is true or if she is as human as him.

You can read this story free online by clicking the button below.

I Didn't Break the Lamp

My short story: "When I Helped"

A sweet story about a girl growing up with her imaginary friend.

Read my author interview HERE

Offbeat YA Review:

"...but the real treat was that most of these tales were able to take me by surprise (When I Helped for the win!)"

Issue 41-FrontCover.jpg
Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 41

My short story: "The City That Always Slept"

A noir-style story that takes place on the dark side of the moon.

Fireside Quarterly Winter 2020
(or Fireside Magazine: Issue 75)

My short story: "Watching Rome Burn"

A woman reflects on the traumas of life and what it is to lose everything.

You can read this story free online or you can listen to it narrated by clicking the button below.

The Sunlight Press

My short story: "Are You Happy?"

A scientist presents his breakthrough to the committee, but it doesn't go as planned.

You can read this story free online by clicking the button below.

Image by Noah Buscher
Daily Science Fiction

My short story: "The Price of the Future"

Preventing the apocalypse requires a man to face his greatest enemy.

You can read this story free online by clicking the button below.

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