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If you've been struggling to find the best new science fiction books for you, science fiction magazines and short story anthologies are a great time-saving hack.  These give you a chance to read several different authors in a short amount of time and get a feel for each author's style before you commit to a several-hundred page journey with them. 

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Blue Record
Literary E-Clectic: The Record

My short story: "The 20th Mission"

When all hope seems lost, one woman realizes how our troubles can blind us to the bigger picture.  An original and moving sci-fi story.

Trigger warning: This story deals with the topic of suicide.

Bubble Off Plumb

My short story: "How Music Moves Us"

The members of an orchestra struggle to work with a famous, but eccentric, guest conductor. 

The Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2018

My short story: "How to Not Be Lonely While Pursuing World Domination"

Are you struggling with the sense of loneliness that seems to come hand-in-hand with a successful mad scientist career?  Dr. Mathasar Hatter has some simple life-hacks for you!

Do Not Go Quietly
(also Apex Magazine: Issue 119)

My short story: "Face"

A woman with no past struggles to find an identity.  She has been told by the man who keeps her, a man she doesn't really know, that she is a robot.  She questions if this is true or if she is as human as him.

You can read this story free online HERE!

I Didn't Break the Lamp

My short story: "When I Helped"

A sweet story about a girl growing up with her imaginary friend.

Read my author interview HERE

Offbeat YA Review:

"...but the real treat was that most of these tales were able to take me by surprise (When I Helped for the win!)"

Issue 41-FrontCover.jpg
Galaxy's Edge Magazine: Issue 41

My short story: "The City That Always Slept"

A noir-style story that takes place on the dark side of the moon.

Fireside Quarterly Winter 2020
(or Fireside Magazine: Issue 75)

My short story: "Watching Rome Burn"

A woman reflects on the traumas of life and what it is to lose everything.

You can read this story free online or you can listen to it narrated HERE!


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