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Science Fiction Thriller Books:

First Grave o Mars cover
First Grave on Mars
(Martian Murders Book #1)


How do you protect yourself from a murderer on a planet that wants to kill you?


In the four years between the arrival of the first team of colonizers on Mars and the landing of the second team, everything seems to have gone horribly awry. Five of the original colonists have become disillusioned with the mission and each other. The sixth original colonist is dead and it doesn't look like an accident.Now trapped on this planet and chained to the colony for life support, Sadie Blaine and her two teammates must solve the murder before the killer ends all life on Mars.In this novella inspired by multiple companies’ plans to colonize Mars in real life, Veronica Brush creates the ultimate locked room mystery, where the suspects are the only eight people on the planet, and maybe Mars itself.

ebook (480x640).jpg
Second Deception on Mars
(Martian Murders Book #2)


Fadia Karzai has fought harder than anyone to join the first colony on Mars and her stubborn perseverance is finally paying off. As she hurtles through space on a one-way trip to begin her new life, she has no idea what's in store for her on the red planet.
She doesn't know that nearly half of the colonists are dead.
She doesn't know that her former teammate was among those murdered.
She doesn't know that the identity of the murderer has never been uncovered.
She doesn't know how soon she'll become the next target.

Final Survivor on Mars
(Martian Murders Book #3)

ISBN-13- 9798660034442

Earth's first attempt at a colony on Mars is crumbling.  No more help is coming for the remaining survivors on Mars.  Their resources will run out.  The dead will begin to outnumber the living.  How do you know when it is time to give up?

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