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At my elementary school, you weren't given a library card for the school library until the 5th grade.  I was granted a special exception and given one in the 2nd grade.  I spent so much time in the library and showed such reverence for the books, they decided they could trust me.  I'm still very proud about that.

My grandmother was young adult mystery writer Joan Lowery Nixon.  She took me and my sisters to Agatha Christie plays when I was still very young.  I loved them, though I wouldn't be able to sleep for weeks after.  Thus, murders were a common part of my childhood, which is why they now play a frequent role in my books.

It didn't surprise anyone in my family when I declared I had decided to become a writer.  I completed my first novel the summer before I started high school.  In the tradition of many authors, I have put that manuscript in a drawer and pray it never sees the light of day.

In those early days, I dabbled in a few different genres, but I was always destined to be a science fiction author.  I love the currently-impossible-yet-plausible.

When I'm not writing, I'm walking my dogs so that they will stop wrestling on my feet and let me get some writing done!  I also volunteer as a stage manager and a dance teacher.

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